Our Company


Why we built a brand out of our hobby:

When we were young growing up in the small village we had to travel to the city to get most of the things. One thing that particularly irked us was the travelling bit. Initially tough we loved that dad used to take us to the city to buy our books and stationery, as we grew up we hated the idea of travelling so far to even get basic necessities.

Mum suffered a lot:

Mum was an avid craftsperson. She would keep herself busy making lots of projects. She was so dexterous in our hobby that her craft was sought after in the neighborhood. She would make it so perfect and so well that it would have better finish than the machine made craft. My mother has earned a great bit out of selling her crafts and also teaching the neighborhood women how to make the craft themselves. She has made such lovely things for presents that the recipient always gave out a call of glee on receiving one of her best creations. The brides in the area also always asked her to make the flower bouquet for them. But mum also had to travel all the long way to the city to buy her craft supplies. She used to walk half the way and the rest of the journey she would hike with a traveler in a bid to save the money on transportation.

The idea:

It was on one her tedious rides to the city to pick up some embroidery thread that she realized that things had to change for good. So she decided to open a small crafts shop in the compound and keep the basic equipments. She stocked all the best brands and soon mum’s enterprise picked up. The ladies in the village were so thankful to her that it saved them the long trip to the city. She named her venture “Sew World” and it took off very well in a very short time. Today, the enterprise is 300 shops strong and spread across all the states of the country. The tradition of working for the community and to be able to provide for the needy that mum stood for is still maintained by keeping the prices under tab and a big part of the sale proceeds going to local chapters of all the projects that work to empower women through vocational training and skill giving.


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